EduCampAKL Smackdown 2012
An opportunity to share lots of cool tools and inspirational ideas in a short space of time. Participants can present and share with minimal preparation and also let others know what they are interested in.

Everyone is invited to participate and contribute as Smackdown is a smorgasbord aimed at alerting everyone to some of the huge range of resources and ideas in a short space of time. The 2 minute time limit also enables us to hear from lots of people. See something you like or want to know more? All links and ideas will be shared here on the Smackdown wiki page through the Google Form below. You are also encouraged to make contact with participants to explore ideas further during EduCampAKL.

You are invited to add your ideas at anytime, both before and during EduCampAKL. Want to know what other people are sharing at the Smackdown? All responses submitted can be viewed here