EducampNZ 2010
EducampNZ 2010 was held on 24th July 2010. Follow links below to explore resources, activities and discussions. We would also appreciate your suggestions and feedback to assist the organisation of future un-conference events. We are excited that educators in other regions are exploring the possibilities of running similar events and your recommendations would be valued. Feedback can be posted on this wiki. Thanks.
EducampNZ is a user-generated 'unconference' focussed on e-learning and education, and we're all about growing your learning, networking, and of course having fun! Read more below...
EducampNZ is based on a user-generated 'unconference' or Barcamp. The focus is on e-learning and education, sharing ideas we've discovered and learning from each other. Everyone is invited to participate in some way...
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How can I participate?
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The day will kick-off with a 'speed-geeking session' to get to know a few people. This will be followed by an e-Learning 'Smackdown' - a smorgasbord of fantastic ideas and resources contributed by attendees. Then we will break out into interest groups for the rest of the day.

The purpose of EducampNZ is to both learn and contribute. It is based on the OpenSpace Meeting Format . No real agenda has been set and it will be up to you to determine the focus for the sessions, grow your learning, network and have fun!

Scroll down the page to check out who is coming and the potential topics for exploration and discussion.

When:Saturday 24th July, 10am to 3pm

Summerland Primary,
62 Summerland Drive,
Henderson, Auckland

The venue will be open from 10am to 3pm and you are invited to turn up and leave whenever it suits you. It may be useful for participants to have some idea of who might be there and areas of interest.

There is no commitment required as we are acknowledging the open-space rule .

Kai: There are a few good options for lunch in the not-too-far-away department from Summerland Primary School.
At the top of Summerland Drive in the Palomino shops there is a Gclub cafe - 2 mins drive - Coffee: 6.5/10, Food 5.5/10
Zorba's Cafe, 52 Lincoln Road (across from the hospital) 5 mins drive - Coffee: 8/10, Food 7.5/10
Columbus Coffee, Lincoln Road - 7 mins drive - Coffee: 8/10, Food: 7/10
Photographs from EduCampNZ 2010. Roll over the image to browse the photo set.

Links and resources from EduCamp2010SmackDown
A Smackdown is an opportunity to share lots of cool tools and inspirational ideas in a short space of time. This is an opportunity for participants to present and share with minimal preparation and to let others know what you are interested in.
Google Doc
Participants contributed links, resources, notes etc on this collaborative Google Doc.
GeoCaching with Gerard
Loads of good stuff to get you started
EduCamp 2010 - Because this was shot on July 24, 2010 it has also been submitted to Life In A Day, a project documenting a single day on earth.

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A little bit of history...For the past couple of years, similar teacher-generated events have been held in Auckland - see more here !

Koha - a gold coin for the school would be appreciated

This wiki is open: You are invited to add your details below, create links and organise sessions with others.

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Please add any of your blogs, wikis, twitter details etc that you would like to share below.

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    I am interested in:
    My blog/wiki/twitter...
    How I prefer to be contacted.
    Dorothy Burt
    eLearning and literacy
    Cloud Computing
    Google stuff
    1:1 Devices
    Blogging as a lifelong learning solution
    Twitter: dorothyjburt
    Skype: dburtnz
    Any of them
    Fiona Grant
    Digistore and Software for Learning. How are you using these sites? Suggestions, questions, contributions.
    Using web tools to record, share and reflect learning
    Conversations around m-Learning.
    Twitter: fionagrant
    Skype: fionagrantnz
    Any of the previous or
    Barbara Reid
    Literacy and ICT
    Web 2.0 and students as partners in learning
    Twitter- barbs1
    Skype - barbs1nz
    Claire Buist
    Had been looking forward to this but a flight north just ain't featuring as a possibility.
    Keen to be a virtual attendee - :D

    Amanda Signal
    e-Portfolios, blogging, Literacy/Numeracy/Written Language, Photography and Visual Language. iPad/iPod Touch in the class. Digital Citizenship and Parent Involvement/upskilling.
    Twitter - heymilly
    Skype: heymilly
    What's happening with ICT in early childhood? Transition to school? Digital Storytelling to engage whānau and community.
    Twitter - NaketaNZ
    Skype - naketaferguson
    Marielle Lange
    Mobile learning (touch phones, touch tablets, iPad). Digital whiteboards. Games/simulations for learning (mobile devices). Touch devices for young minds. Web 2.0 apps. Teaching digital design and programming skills. Standards and interoperability. Foreign languages (native french speaker).

    I will bring along my Android phone (the one that can run Flash) and an iPad (well, that one if my husband let me take it for the day).
    Twitter - @widged

    Nancy Groh
    digital citizenship, information/digital/media literacy, ICT in early childhood
    Skype -nancyg0504
    Tania Coutts
    Web 2.0 integration into education. Using blogs to enhance communication and collaboration with parents/whanau/community. Inspiring leadership through ICT
    Twitter - TarnzNZ
    Claire Cheeseman
    e-portfolios [what works what doesn't], new innovative ideas, use of wiki's in classrooms, using web 2.0 as reflecting tools
    twitter: cheesynz
    Marilyn Small
    digital storytelling integration across curriculum
    Pukeko Echo - production of tv show for students
    elearning tools to extend engagement and motivation of students
    Hiwi the Kiwi project - Fish for our Future
    skype: mlurline
    Stuart Hale
    iPod Touch for students - Mobile learning technologies that are 24/7, iPads and their potential
    twitter - Stuartnz
    Skype - Stuartnz
    Linda Lehrke

    Jacqui Sharp
    Integration of ICT into the curriculum, learning styles, Web2.0 tools
    Twitter: @sharpjacqui
    Skype: @sharpjacqui
    Julia Weiersmuller
    e-portfolios(what to put in, what to leave out) digital storytelling online comics
    twitter : jjulia681
    skype : juliakedgley
    Luke Sumich
    what tools/apps leaders are using to ensure you are always learning. blogging principals, wikis for BOTs, RSS readers
    twitter sumich
    Innes Kennard
    Being there virtually. I have become a keen Paddler, love literacy in all its forms and maximising learning opportunities. Have a good one
    Twitter: inneskennard
    Skype: innesk
    Florence Lyons
    learning, learning and teaching tips, elearning
    twitter @froggieflo
    Blair Giles
    eLearning, eLeading, reflection, creativity, research, photography
    DM or
    Sonya Van Schaijik
    Cybersafety, SOLO taxonomy, accountability with ICT, Superclubsplus,
    Mobile learning, gaming
    Twitter: vanschaijik
    skype: ulimasao
    Maria Sutherland

    Rachel Boyd
    ePortfolios, new innovative tech and uses, eLearning w juniors, thinking skills, inquiry
    Twitter: rachelboyd
    Catherine Lee
    pretty much all of the above; ePortfolios; laptop/netbook 'classes'; Moodle; virtual libraries; web2; googledocs & their creative uses for learning; inspiring other teachers
    twitter: catherinelee33
    Jenny She
    e-learning and inquiry
    Michael Fawcett
    ditto most of the above, digital citizenship, e-portfolios, mobile learning, embedding eLearning across the curriculum, gee.... I could go on ;-) and on...
    any or all means...
    Susan Lindsey
    blogging, literacy, voicethread, googledocs
    twitter: lagatabonita
    Elaine Newton
    What's happening with ICT in early childhood? Transition to school? Engaging whānau and community. Strengthening understanding of links between curriculum
    skype: elaine.newton
    Sharon Carlson
    ICT in early years. E-portfolios from centres to school, connectivity, cybersafety, digital story telling
    Catriona Pene
    ICT in year 3, integration into classroom programmes and new exciting sites others have found. A chance to network with other ICT inspired educators.
    Cheryl Doig
    Can't come or even skype in, but inspired by what you are doing. Maybe will organise a ChCh one!
    Interested in how leadership can help build a networked school community; web 2.0 tools/apps for leaders; global projects....
    skype: cheryldoig
    twitter: cheryldoig
    Gwyneth Cooper
    Interested in cross-curricular links in junior secondary, literacy and citizenship
    Twitter: gwynethatschool
    Either is fine
    Tracey Harnett
    Keen to learn more about integrating ICT into the curriculum
    Lynfa Harris
    Wanting to explore using e-portfolio's with new entrants class - high percentage of children in my class have come through Manaia Kindergarten and parents have been involved in their blogging/ICT journey. Want ideas for sorting out school computer and blogging issues.
    Jenny Merrington
    elearning encouraging learning in literacy
    Twitter: jenmer
    Kirstin Anderson-McGhie
    integration of ICT into the curriculum.
    Twitter: @Keamac
    Jane Danielson
    the use of social media in education
    Shaun Wood
    E-portfolios and how they are being used. Digital storytelling as a literacy tool. Promoting #comments4kids as a means of growing comments on student blogs.
    Twitter: MrWoodnz
    Chris Dillon
    ePortfolio and Digital Storytelling up to NCEA
    Cross-curricular links in junior secondary
    Literacy across curriculum
    Fiona Burns
    I am interested in the use of social media in education.
    skype: fburns7
    Maureen Agnew
    I am interesting in discussing different ideas on learning journeys.
    Cheryl McLeod
    Web2.0 tools, e-portfolios and ICT integration.
    Twitter: cjmcleod
    Robyn Hibberd
    Integration of ICT across the curriculum.
    Jenny Green
    Creating online professional development activities - healthcare
    Pete Hall
    In class: Maths, thinking, problem solving, ethics, writing.
    Whole school: Assessment, data transparency and communication, 4 minute walkthroughs.
    Twitter: steelotter
    Skype: Steelotter
    or any other.
    David Kinane
    Integrating e-learning, web2.0, Augmented reality, virtual classrooms, collaboration
    Twitter: dakinane
    Skype: dakinane
    ph: 09 889 2375 or one of your choice from the list!
    Michael Fletcher
    How schools are using online tools/school website to engage community
    How leaders are effectively using tools
    Twitter: michaeljfletch
    Kathy Pittaway
    Purposeful integration of e-learning, lifting student achievement through e-portfolios
    Nikki Bourlet
    Purposeful integration of e-learning, lifting student achievement through e-portfolios
    Moira Kopittke
    web 2 tools, ePortfolios in secondary schools
    twitter: sass_i
    Tracey Gibson
    Integrating ICt into to classroom, management of equipment, wikis, Google Apps, iPod touch
    Raewyn Austin
    Integrating ICt into to classroom, management of equipment, wikis
    Esther Casey
    21st century literacy, web 2 tools, inquiry, digital storytelling, School Library 2.0, mobile learning
    twitter: EstherC
    Katie Gibbs
    All of the above but purposeful elearning and true intergration of ICT
    Tabitha Roder, Fabiana Kubke, Tom Parker,
    We thought we would bring along some XOs from olpc and offer everyone a chance to try out Sugar, or even Sugar on a Stick on their own laptops. Will bring the Nexus One Android phone if anyone wants to see that too.
    twitter: tabitharoder / tabitha
    twitter: kubke / kubke
    Lorraine Vickery
    Interactive websites for students
    Twitter: vickeryl
    Robyn Wills
    Integration in the classroom, cyber citizenship, open source software
    Twitter: flexie
    Megan Meecham
    e-learning, literacy, Web 2.0 tools, integrating ICT into curriculum
    Twitter: megmeech
    Barb Dysart
    Where to next -
    Twitter: barbdysart
    Angela Lee
    Wendy Sheridan-Smith
    ICT integration school wide. We'd love to see the XO from OLPC. Will bring things we've done in our classrooms with year 2 & Year 5-6
    (angela) @nzleeangela,
    (Wendy) @wenznz