educampAKL participate and contribute


  • At educampAKL everyone is invited to participate!

  • Go with the flow – This event is intended to help you and all the other participants find the time and space to talk with and learn from each other.
  • Follow your passion – Go to the sessions that interest you.
  • Take responsibility for your own learning – If there are topics you are really interested in that don’t appear on the agenda at first, you need to put them on there.
  • by Kaliya Hamlin from

  • What conversations could you contribute to that may help make a
  • difference or move participants forward in their thinking?

  • Be ready to attendees you are the presenters and the audience.
  • You don't need to be an expert on your topic of interest.
  • Connect with others to help you out and encourage contributions from everyone in your sessions.
  • Contribute to conversations in the sessions you attend and ask questions, this is a great opportunity to tap into this learning community and build your PLN ( Professional Learning Network)
  • BYOD - there will be wifi, projectors and speakers available.

  • Create a shared doc for participants to add links to notes, examples of student learning, blog posts, pictures and any shared resources from our day together.

  • Share ideas and teaching strategies that have worked for you.
  • What is currently challenging your practice?
  • Share your favourite App for learning.
  • Publish notes and feedback from a session you attended.
  • Post photos with the tag educampAKL
  • Blog about educampAKL
  • Tweet include #educampAKL
  • Talk about educampAKL and invite colleagues and friends to attend.

  • Contribute to the event Smackdown

  • Smackdown is an opportunity for participants to introduce themselves while alerting everyone to what contributions, questions and learnings they are interested in pursuing.

  • At educampAKL events, the Smackdown is strategically placed at the beginning of the day to alert participants to the learning opportunities in the room, connect with like-minds and ideas quickly and follow what they are passionate about learning.

  • Contributions to Smackdown can be anything from a useful tip or tool to participants sharing 'big questions' that are currently challenging practice.
Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 7.09.23 PM.png

  • Contributions to Smackdown are short (one minute max) and delivered quickly to avoid extended conversations around topics that do not meet the needs of all participants. Links to further information are recorded on the Smackdown doc for participants to follow up.

  • During the Smackdown participants are encouraged to be alert to the people and themes that they are interested in exploring further and in greater depth during the unconference and beyond.

Speed Geeking at unConference uLearn13

More about Speed Geeking

#educampAKL flow in 5 an example of how an event might be organised

Fish Bowl Dialogue

Birds of a Feather
Schedule a Think Slam during the unconference.

Invite participants to contribute their thinking on a shared presentation.

See example from #educampAKL 2013 above.